Danube WPR 8-10kg. þvottavélar

A professional washing machine designed for all types of laundries

Professional washer extractors for laundries, perfect for small businesses and facilities, high G factor 450

Professional high spin washer extractors are the ideal machines for small businesses and structures in any type of sector. The 8 and 10 kg washers represent a revolution, compared to previous models, due to industrial components and features that make them outstand from professional equipment usually found on the market.

What are the main features of these professional washers?

  • Grey skinplate panels
  • Stainless steel drum and vat
  • 8 signals for dosing pumps, detergents box with 4 compartments
  • EASY TOUCH 2 microprocessor control, fully programmable, with a 4,3″touch screen
  • 29 preset programs, 37 available languages
  • WET CLEANING standard: fully adjustable water levels and washing speeds
  • OPTIMAL LOADING standard: optimization of water and detergent consumption according to the load
  • Model with drain valve or with pump
  • Same model for OPL or coin laundries, easily transformable
  • Levelling feet included

Additional options for WPR 8-10 washers

  • Double drain
  • Normally closed valve
  • 6 extra dosing signals for pumps
  • reversing door opening
  • Door silicon gasket
  • Tropicalized model (ET2)
  • AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing
  • Valve-pump kit
  • Plinth for loading height, in skinplate or stainless steel
  • Plinth for mops (filter included), in skinplate of stainless steel
  • Plinth for water recovery, in skinplate or stainless steel
  • New: detergent dispenser on the top